About Kay McInroe 

 She went from a new agent in 2003 to Realtor of the Year in six years. How?   Kay prioritizes her family, and understands that buyers  and sellers have similar motivation. She also is deeply involved in her community, as President of  Kiwanis Of McIntosh Trail for 2010 and 2012, Local Governor for the Fayette County Board of Realtor, VP Fayette Board of Realtors in 2011 and 2008 President of the Women's Council of Realtors. Kay is currently serving VP for the Fayette County Board of Realtors 

 Kay made Presidents Circle...which puts her in the top 2% of Prudential agents worldwide.
Kay donates portions of her commissions to children's charities like St Jude's Hospital , Childrens International on every home bought or sold.

 That's where you'll find Kay, today, but where did she get her start? When Kay McInroe was in her 20s, Bewitched reruns made it to her native India. Then Kavita Chhabra was a fan. At that time she and her sister lived with their parents, like most unmarried young women in India. 
 Kay graduated with a degree in economics, but excelled in English. She worked in hospitality at The Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi India. That experience and a desire to see the world of her guests, put her on the magic carpet ride that was Pan Am. Kay was a flight attendant, flying to and from India to Europe.  
 Then Kavita, on one of her flights, met pilot Bill McInroe. Actually, he met her. Asked for her number. She said no.  He asked for a date. She said no....   But he persisted. He called her home in New Delhi, having conned the number from a Pan Am manager. He asked her to show him around town. She said no.  
 Bill figured out that he had hit a cultural wall. He did his homework, and the next time he met Kavita, he was ready. 
Pan Am took Kavita to Miami as an instructor. There, she started writing back and forth to Bill. Eventually, he asked Kavita to marry him. She told her family about him in a letter, and crossed her fingers. 
 Now, after over 25 yrs of marriage, she says her parents love him like a son. 
 Kay and Bill, a Delta pilot, live in Peachtree City  where they raised their two children ( now at Berkley and UGA ) rescued cats, and an apartment for Kay's parents.  
 Kay understands the value of family in making a home purchase. At her daughter's urging, Kay became a REALTOR. She brought the same excellence she was raised with to the table. Now she mentors other agents on best practices. 
 Kay laughs a little about her perfectionism, but that's why her clients consistently refer her to their friends and family. She gets every real estate designation available. Accredited Buyer's Representative, Sales Representative Specialist, Fine Homes Specialist,Certified Skilled Negotiator, Performance Management Netwokand , Certified Residential Specialist. She puts the "list" in Specialist, with her attention to detail in contracts and best practices for staging a home. Kay gets it right. 
 Kay understands that homeowners don't necessarily want hand holding, but they do want a continued resource for services to maintain and beautify their home or investment property. That's where Kay provides the most exceptional service. 
 Rather than disappearing when the contracts are signed, Kay provides ongoing wisdom and problem-solving magic for questions that pop up. It's why she tells clients that she's With You Til You Feel at Home.